Kersten's Korner 
Nursery School
"A Foundation for the Future"

Customer Testimonials

Here is what current and past parents have had to say about their experience at Kersten's Korner Nursery School.

"Kersten's has helped my daughter develop cognitively, socially, and emotionally.  She can't wait to get to school each day!"

"Thank you for being such a kind and caring staff.  Our family is very blessed to be part of your program!"

"I love that she is going to school and not just daycare.  I think she'll have a great foundation for school."

"Their music program is wonderful and the kids seem to really enjoy it too.  Learning environment is very good and I like the classroom structure to get them ready for school."

"I love it that my children were more than ready for kindergarten.  I love it that Kersten's is not a daycare but a SCHOOL!  I have always been proud to tell people my children attend Kersten's."